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“Seat Filling” Guidelines

Ticket Value

All opportunities posted for OTL members must have a value attached. OTL can’t offer experiences that are free to the general public.

Comp / Discount Admission

Live entertainment and activities must be 100% free to Seat Fillers. But the club can pass on virtual event “discounts,” as long as they’re something special and offered only to OTL members.

YOU handle facilitation

OTL posts all of the details for members and can compile a reservation list or pass along a special code. Then, YOU take it from there!

OTL will confirm the details with you before posting

Virtual Event Submission

    OTL Seat Filler-Free Ticket Club Submission Form for Virtual Events and Opportunities


    Age Recommendations (required)

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where spammers can ruin the fun for all. So, please just answer this simple math question as a "spam deterrent." Thank you!

    Click "send" to transfer your submission to the OTL team. We'll contact you to confirm before we post anything.

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