Select your city to submit your Show for Private & Free Seat Filling


Just a few quick things:
1. All Shows submitted for Seat Filling by OTL Members must have a ticket value associated with it. OTL cannot post shows for member reservations in which the general public can also attend for free. If your show is free or you do not need seats filled, you can still post on our city-wide Community Events Calendars – click here for links to the calendars.
2. All tickets issued to members must be $0 / £0 value comps.
3. OTL does not handle any tickets. You issue the number of seats; OTL takes private reservations from its members and then you/your Box Office receives the Will Call list on the day of the show.

Select your city to submit your show. The OTL team member in that city will confirm everything with you prior to posting.
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Don’t see your city on this list? OTL is a member of the Seat Filler Network with partners in additional U.S. locations –