About OTL Seat Filler Clubs


OTL, otherwise known as On the List, are small membership clubs throughout the United States and in London.

Members pay very little membership dues for the privilege of being able to reserve tickets to shows offered by OTL’s entertainment partners.

Our partners cover the gamut of theatre, music, comedy, dance, lectures, classes, sporting events, conventions and expos, and other ticketed shows and events. Rather than leave even four open seats, our partners opt to privately provide them as comps to OTL seat filler members.

With the new merging of all clubs into one big experience hosted on OTLCityGuides.com, OTL is now expanding to offer members other fun stuff as well. Massages, chiropractic treatments, nail or hair services, wine and liquor tasting, classes, gym memberships, etc.  As long as it’s something not available to the general public, OTL can post it in the private member-only area.

Benefits to OTL’s Entertainment Partners


PRIVACY TO SHOWS – OTL never publicly promotes our list of partners so regular ticket sales are not impacted

QUICK & EASY – Submit a form from our partner site or email OTL with the details to get the show posted for members

FREE – It’s always a free service for entertainment partners. YOU provide the comp tickets. WE post the shows, compile a Will Call List, and send to you to fill.

BOOSTS your Food & Beverage and/or Merchandise SALES.

INTRODUCES NEW PATRONS who may not have experienced your venue or awesome shows before!

The Two-Minute Process

1. Submit your show or opportunity using our handy forms, one for traditional ticketed events, and the other for experiences or other freebies

2. OTL posts the show or other offering in the private member-only area and takes online reservations or distributes the code or other information

3. At least four hours prior to the show, OTL will issue you or your Box Office Manager a Will Call List for standard seat filling







4. You decide where you want the members to sit to get the most impact (just be sure to keep each member’s two or four seat party together)

5. OTL members pick up the comp tickets from the box office by showing their ID (no coupons and no discussion of the tickets coming from OTL)

A Few Helpful Notes


All Shows submitted for Seat Filling by OTL Members must have a ticket value associated with it. OTL cannot post shows for member reservations in which the general public can also attend for free. It’s it’s a different type of opportunity, it can’t be available to the general public.

All tickets issued to members must be $0 / £0 value comps.

OTL does not handle any tickets. You issue the number of seats; OTL takes private reservations from its members and then you/your Box Office receives the Will Call list on the day of the show.

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