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You know how at award shows when a star has to slip out and an anonymous person pops into their chair so the cameras don’t show an empty seat? Well, that concept is also here in South Florida.  

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10 Ways to Save This Valentine's Day

OTL (On the List) is privileged to be one of Opploans “10 Ways to Save This Valentine’s Day” ideas.

With instantly issued Seat Filler Gift Membership Certificates ranging from $10 to $95, there’s a gift for every budget and each one is guaranteed fun!

Here’s our OTL Seat Filler write-up in the Opploans piece:

10. Be a Seat Filler and See Shows for Less

Here’s a great idea for escaping the Valentine’s Day rat race altogether. Give your spouse or partner the gift of an On The List (OTL) Seat Filler Membership.

Network members can get free tickets to shows and plays across your local area (just make sure to check their website to see what areas they cover). For the cost of your very affordable monthly dues, you get invited to attend shows that still have tickets available.

According to Lu Ann Wall from from World Wide Seats, a select provider for OTL, “Seat Filler Membership Gifts provide the gift recipient with all-inclusive access to reserve tickets to shows as they pop up. Members also bring their guest(s), as they can reserve 2-4 comp tickets to each event they’re interested in attending.”

“Not only is it fun to see what pops up and be introduced to some new entertainment,” she adds, “but to be able to reserve tickets without paying for them is the icing on the cake!”

Instead of only one date on Valentine’s Day, a Seat Filler Membership would be giving your partner the spouse of many dates to come!

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Read the entire article including the other 9 ways to save on Valentine’s Day this year by visiting or Click Here for the direct link to the article.

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