How to promote your show

Why leave empty seats? Electronic papering with 90% attendance rate.

Why leave empty seats when they can easily and privately be filled with OTL members – at no cost to you.  Introduce new patrons and electronically paper the house with a 90% attendance rate.  WE provide you with a Will Call list and YOU distribute the tickets. 


OTL the Comp Ticket Underground is the Free, Private, Upscale and Effortless way to fill some seats and introduce new patrons to your shows and venues.

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  • BENEFIT = Increased food, beverage and merchandise revenue
  • BENEFIT = Introduction of new patrons to your venue and event
  • BENEFIT = Quality, word of mouth promotion
  • BENEFIT = New patrons added to your email/mailing list for future productions
  • BENEFIT = No tickets change hands – OTL provides a Will Call List


Our members attend, clap loudly, spend money on F & B…  It’s a Win-Win!!

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Whether you call it Papering the House or Seat Filling, OTL takes it to a whole new level with a 90% attendance rate and everything filled electronically.


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