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Event Promotion in San Francisco. Boost Attendance with Bay Area Seat Fillers and Other Complimentary Advertising Services

When you’re in the midst of advertising and event promotion in the San Francisco Bay area, you’re aware of the occasional challenges. 

Event Promotion in San Francisco

Are you a show promoter, director, box office manager or event organizer? Then, you know how it can go in the world of entertainment, events, and activities. You’re selling tickets to a top-notch show or event. It could be anything – theater, music, comedy, symphony, dance, etc. Or, maybe you have a media event, premiere, book-signing, class, conference, expo, or other ticketed event or experience.

But regardless of how amazing the offering is, you may not sell to capacity. Or perhaps have unlimited space and want as big of an audience as possible. Maybe your goal is a simpler one. You just want to introduce your venue or offering to some new patrons.

Whatever the reason is for wanting new audience members or attendees, San Francisco members of the OTL Seat Filler-Free Ticket Club are standing by to assist.

In addition to being in San Francisco, OTL or On the List is in 14 other U.S. cities, as well as London.

San Francisco Bay Area Event Promoter Resources

Could you use a helping hand when it’s time to promote your local events throughout the Bay area?

It’s always handy to have a variety of advertising and promotional sources to go to whenever you have a new show, event, or activity to promote. So, be sure to bookmark this page, as the following are links that you may find helpful.

"Love working with OTL Seat Fillers! It's a great way to get new patrons that may not have seen your shows before."

From the Director of one of Austin’s top-rated theaters

San Francisco Bay Area Seat Filler and Free Tickets Club

On the List San Francisco launched in 2014 and immediately became one of OTL’s top club locations.

In addition to the plays and musicals, which are the highlight of all club locations, San Francisco members have been introduced to a variety of comedy clubs and other show venues. Additionally, San Francisco has been one of the premier markets for sporting events. With so many fun and unique opportunities, event promoters could use a little helping hand from time to time. So, what’s better than a free, private, and easy service that assists with seat filling and event promotion in San Francisco and beyond?

Much Different Than Seat Filling at the Academy Awards

Set aside the preconceived notions of Award Show seat filling, like for the Grammys, Emmys, or Oscars. That’s because OTL San Francisco is nothing like that.

When you have some available tickets, and you’d like to see them used, you have a free event promotion and seat filler service standing by, even for last-minute assistance.

But, unlike award show seat fillers that get moved around during the ceremony, OTL members and their guests are treated like every other paying patron. They do receive comps, but they sit with their companion(s) in seats that you designate.

OTL takes the reservation list and sends it to you for your Will Call purposes. From there, you take the ball and run, issuing the tickets right before the show, seating members’ parties in spots that help you out the most.

How You Can Fill More Seats and Promote Your Events in San Francisco

fill more seats, seat fillers San Francisco, promote local events in San Francisco, fill seats at San Francisco Bay shows and events, papering, paper the houseWhen you decide you could benefit from a few more audience members, students, or attendees, send the basics to the local OTL San Francisco club. You can fill out the form on the partner site, as it’s handy for the OTL team to have complete information for the first go-round. However, after the first show, a quick email with the show dates and ticket counts for each will suffice.

You’ll become a partner of OTL and can just shoot Mark an email or call when you need something. It’s a free service and an easy process. There’s nothing too formal or serious going on, as it’s a fun club and we’re in it together, to promote area arts and entertainment.

On the List’s little family and friend team that oversees the 16 free ticket clubs is on board because of the win-win aspect. You get a few extra seats filled, and members are entertained and introduced to amazing shows right in their hometown. It’s fun to unplug for club members to unplug and unwind. 


Bay Area Seat Filling Benefits

Whether you need four or 40 seats filled, local seat filler members love to see and take advantage of new opportunities.

Even a few extra people in attendance adds to the overall atmosphere, increases food and beverage,and merchandise sales, as well as parking revenue. It’s more intimate event promotion that also introduces members to the venue, activity, or company for future events.

Embrace Seat Filling and Free Event Promotion in San Francisco

To get a few seats filled, go to the event submission form for San Francisco and send in the event details, Mark will get right back to you to confirm. Or, you can use the experience submission form for non-ticketed opportunities.

You privately send the number of comp tickets you’d like to offer, along with your Will Call list deadline to the OTL club. Mark will then put together a members-only posting, including the event description, photos of the show or venue, proper attire, and other details. An email with all of the information is also sent to the entire membership.

Interested members make reservations in the member area. From there, OTL emails you the complete reservation list on the day of the show. You then distribute the complimentary allotment of tickets at your Box Office before curtain time.

The Seat Filling Steps

1. Submit event details
2. OTL posts the show and details for members
3. Members make reservations
4. The reservation list is sent to you on the day of the event
5. Members show up, present their ID, and you distribute the comp tickets

Easy peasy!

Save Some Trees As You Privately Paper the House

Traditionally, papering the house meant that the area would be flooded with freebies. For example, a minor league baseball team may have a fast-food chain sponsor a game. Every restaurant location would have hundreds of free tickets to distribute to customers. To fill 10,000 seats, it could take 500,000 or more tickets in distribution.

OTL isn’t working with 10,000 seats, as it’s more like ten to 100. But with the OTL model of mini-electronic papering, you’re privately offering comp tickets to members, and then a specific Will Call list is sent to your Box Office. As a condition of membership, anyone who makes a reservation must attend the event. So, there’s an average of a 90% attendance rate, barring any last-minute emergencies or one-off changes.

privacy to shows, private seat filling in San Francisco, private local event promotion, private event papering in San Francisco

OTL’s Privacy to Shows Policy

No one knows that you’re providing tickets to seat filler members. Partners are never publicly promoted. You won’t find the names of any theatres, events, or activities listed on any of OTL’s free ticket websites.

There’s a strict “privacy to shows” policy, as YOUR primary concern is selling tickets. If the public knew that a few comps were available, it could impact your bottom line, and that’s not the goal of OTL. We’re in this together!

History of Community Seat Filling

The free ticket club isn’t just for the big-ticket shows, although members love having the opportunity to attend those as well.

The community seat filling concept started in Las Vegas, but On the List clubs don’t resemble the Las Vegas experience. Most cities, even top-ten locations won’t have the never-ending, 52-week a year, repeat events that you’ll find almost around the clock in Sin City.

promote music events, promote local events, promote local showsInstead, OTL posts one-off shows, large and small. Members have been introduced to small, intimate venues that hold less than 50. OTL has also been privileged to offer premiere concert and broadway tour events, as well as unusual sporting events like professional frisbee, which has been a member-favorite. They have attended classes, conferences and expos, book signings, and private preview performances.

OTL has even sent members to be movie and TV extras or filled chairs at special media performances.

As long as it’s a ticketed event or an experience that’s not open to the general public, club members are excited to participate.

San Francisco CA

Event Promotion Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

Not only is filling in a few seats with On the List members a way to boost your audience size, but it’s a great way to promote your local shows through a private ad to them and their subsequent word of mouth.

Although members can’t talk about the “free” aspect, they can post or share information about the awesome show that they saw last night.

Additionally, OTL has other free resources for event promoters.

Free Local Advertising Through the San Francisco City Guide for Residents

OTL Seat Filler and Free Ticket Clubs also power the OTL City Guides for Locals, which are independent of the seat filler sites.

The City Guides include all kinds of resources that all of us can use frequently. Discounts, dining tips, and general lifestyle information are front and center. Additionally, there are events calendars, including one dedicated to San Francisco area events powered by Evvnt. It’s another free resource that you can use to post your shows for public consumption.

We also encourage area venues, classes, and organizations to add their information to the local directories. As the City Guides are meant to be bookmarked and used regularly, it’s helpful to have your news posted throughout. Free Seat Filling and Event Promotion in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area!

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