OTL Seat Filling & Free Ticket Clubs

Why leave any seats open when OTL Seat Fillers make great audience members? OTL has a Seat Filler-Free Ticket Club in 16 cities and provides Other Event Promotion Resources.


Exciting News! As of 23 October, all 16 independent club locations have merged into one new “Seat Filler/Free Ticket Club Experience” hosted on OTLCityGuides.com.

Bigger Audience.
New Patrons.
Private, Easy, Free!

OTL Member Combined Post-Event Survey Results

  • 93% Are likely to buy a ticket at the venue in the future 93% 93%
  • 73% Spent money on concessions or merchandise 73% 73%
  • 50% Were first introduced to the venue by OTL 50% 50%
  • 91% Rated their overall experience as “FANTASTIC!” 91% 91%

Here’s How OTL Seat Filling Works!

The Seat Filling Process

1. Submit the basic show or event information via the event submission form on this site.

2. OTL posts the show information in the private member area (photos, description, attire, etc. is included).

3. Show alerts are also sent to OTL members via email.

4. Interested OTL seat filler club members make reservations in their member area.

5. A complete reservation list is sent to the venue on the day of the show, event, or activity.

6. Members present their ID at the Box Office (or other designated area) to pick up their complimentary tickets.

7. More patrons are now in attendance. Seat Fillers tend to buy food, beverage, and merchandise and make great audience members.

Note: OTL is now offering members other experience-types of opportunities and will alter the process accordingly. If you want to offer something like a class, massage, wine or liquor tasting, escape room, or other type of activity or freebie, please use the Experience Submission Form.

Other Event Promotion Resources

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OTL Seat Fillers-Free Ticket Club

In addition to the OTL Seat Filler Free Ticket Clubs, OTL also powers City Guides for Locals. They’re independent of the clubs and include a variety of resources that everyone can use daily.


OTL City Guides for Locals

City Guide for Locals, event calendarsThe guides include information on dining, discounts, lifestyle, and more. Also, there are events calendars powered by Evvnt, as well as directories that include theatres and venue lists.

For seat filling, contact OTL or submit an event submission form from this site. To use the city guides for event promotion, you can add your own information to the event calendars. You can also visit the submission page to add to the directories or submit blog posts, discounts, articles, and more.